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Mathematical models in neuroscience

Posted in Neural modelling by fuzzyengineering on June 3, 2010

Mathematical models are mandatory for designing neural prostheses that can close the nervous circuit in order to treat a neurological disorder. Here are some sites that shared their mathematical models for the rest of us in order to use and improve them!

SenseLab – This is a project funded by The Human Brain Project and it includes these databases:

– neuronal databases: CellPropDB, NeuronDB, ModelDB,  MicrocircuitDB

– olfactory databases: ORDB, OdorDB, OdorMapDB

– disease databases: BrainPharm

If you need a mathematical model of a certain brain region, here is a very useful list.

In order to run these models, I advise you to download the NEURON software. In order to learn how to use it, here is an online version of exercises from the 2008 summer course.

Visiome is a database where you can find a lot of mathamatical models related to vision.

CellML is being developed by the Auckland Bioengineering Institute at the University of Auckland.

A free software to open the CellML files is Cellular Open Resource .

BioModels Database is a database of mathematical models of biological interest.

If you know of any good database of such mathematical models, please leave a comment!